Meet the Candidates: Christine Turner for Board of Education

Meet the Candidates: Christine Turner for Board of Education

BOE candidate Christine Turner

We continue our Meet the Candidates series today with another Board of Education candidate in Christine Turner, who is running for a three-year term.

Turner is running unopposed for her first three-year term on the board.

Election day is less than a week away and here are all the district voting locations in Cinnaminson for Tuesday, November 8.

We have already profiled Board of Education candidates Christine Trampe and Jean Cohen.

Turner was appointed to the board back in February of 2015, serving until the election that November, in which she ran for a one-year term.

Turner, a resident of Cinnaminson for 21 years, is finishing up her one-year term now and outlined her goals to Cinn City News.

“My goals for my upcoming term are to finalize the construction improvement project,” Turner said.

“Over the next year or two we will be working with the teachers union on a new contract. I expect to come to an agreement that is fair to our teachers, our schools and our community. We will also be hiring a new superintendent. I look forward to finding the best person for the job.”

She has three children. Shawn graduated from Cinnaminson High School in 2010. Craig is a junior at the high school and Leah is in eighth grade at the middle school. Turner is also married to a Cinnaminson High School graduate.

Turner might be familiar to most due to her extensive volunteering and involvement in the community.

Turner spent three years on the Cinnaminson Elementary Home & School Executive Board and is currently in her third year as co-president of the Cinnaminson Middle School Home & School Association.

“I love that our school district has opportunities for all children,” Turner said. “In addition to the outstanding academic skills our students obtain from Cinnaminson; you can strengthen your musical talents, you can play your favorite sport or you can join any of the multiple clubs we have to offer. I believe most importantly our children come out of our schools as good, positive members of society.”

Turner was instrumental in passing the 2014 referendum that called for the renovations of the schools in the district.

“The construction projects are very personal for me. I believe the security and renovations were long overdue. Several years ago, I set my mind to do whatever I could to help achieve this goal for our children and community. To take the tours of the buildings during and after the projects have been completed is an overwhelming experience.”

She has organized the township’s clean up day for the past six years and the Trunk or Treat event all three years it has operated.

Turner is in her fourth year on the Township Park & Recreation Committee.

Turner is no stranger to fundraising either. She has helped raise more than $15,000 twice in recent years for different causes.

She helped coordinate a walk to bring awareness to Traumatic Brain Injuries, raising more than $18,000 to benefit Riley O’Brien, who suffers from Heterotoxy.

Turner then helped raise $15,000 for the Cinnaminson Pop Warner Cheerleading Association so the girls could attend the National Championships in Disney World.

“I have raised thousands of dollars through fundraising efforts to benefit our children, and I genuinely enjoy, and am very passionate about all of these endeavors.”

Turner spoke to the preference of district alums to return to their roots and teach in Cinnaminson schools.

“When graduating from high school, I believe most students don’t truly know what they want to move on to in life. But after a going out into the big scary world we live in, I think our students realize that Cinnaminson is truly a great school district and community and they want to give back.”

She has also spent time as the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance Coordinator and is involved with Wood Park Summer Basketball.

“I have and always will make decisions that I believe are in the best interest of our Cinnaminson families and residents,” Turner said. “I believe our children are our future and the future of Cinnaminson. Thank you for your continued support and please get out and Vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.”

Thursday we conclude our profiles for Board of Education candidates with Dan Gaffney.

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