Cinnaminson 2nd Grader Holds Donation Drive for Troops

Cinnaminson 2nd Grader Holds Donation Drive for Troops

donation drive, Operation Yellow Ribbon
Image provided by Rebekah Baier.

A Cinnaminson 2nd grader held a donation drive for troops at his birthday party this past weekend to benefit Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey.

Adam Baier was watching television one day when a commercial for the Wounded Warrior Project aired.

“I saw a commercial that talked about helping soldiers,” Adam said. “Since I couldn’t ask my friends for a money donation, I thought about a way that I could help them.”

That’s when an idea hit Adam hard; no birthday presents this year, just donations for the troops.

The idea was all Adam’s according to his mother, Rebekah Baier.

“He saw the commercial and came to me and said he wanted his friends to bring donations for the troops to his party instead of birthday presents.”

“Everyone was so great with Adam’s idea. People spent what they would usually spend on a birthday present and then some for the troop donations. We are so thankful for all who donated.”

Adam is 8 and in second grade at New Albany School in Cinnaminson.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised,” Baier said. “He saw the commercial and just came up with the idea. We’ve been to a Yellow Ribbon homecoming before. He has donated wipes to the group before through his play group.”

He doesn’t have a family member active in the armed forces right now, but has a friend whose father will be deployed within the month.

“A kid Adam went to preschool with, her dad is going to be deployed in March,” Baier said. “The family didn’t know that Yellow Ribbon existed. They signed up, along with some others, and they will receive boxes from the group when deployed.”

Adam collected more than five boxes worth of items for troops overseas.

“Even some kids who couldn’t come to his party sent in donations,” Baier said.

Items donated included Q-tips, Pringles, baby wipes and more. All of it was picked up by Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey representative Terry McGinnis.

“All of us here at Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey are touched and overwhelmed by Adam’s compassion and generosity towards the deployed military heroes that bravely serve our country,” McGinnis said. “On behalf of all our recipients we say thank you to Adam and his family.”

The items were boxed earlier this week and already shipped to troops who should receive them within two weeks.

Adam hopes that his birthday idea catches on with some of his friends who came to the party.

“You want to raise your children well and to be good people,” Baier said. “We invited 24 kids to his party, so he could’ve had 24 more presents. He realized that gifts would make one person happy, but the items he sent to the soldiers would make a lot of people happy.”

Adam wants to make this a yearly tradition on his birthday, but he also wants to do some additional donation drives throughout the year.

Following his successful birthday party Adam was hit with another big idea. He wants to create a commercial to post to Facebook about Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey.

“I want to tell everyone about Operation Yellow Ribbon,” Adam explained. “I want people to know how helpful it is.”

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